Tuesday, June 30

The Synopsis of June

Good evening my beautiful friends!

June has been a fantastic month! We've been home enjoying summer. We started bowling. We went swimming. Our garden is growing, by leaps and bounds! We've had ice-cream, cook-outs, and snow-cones. We've gone to the zoo and parks. We've gone on walks, around the neighborhood, down the street, and to the library. It hasn't been a huge month by any means, we've just soaked in the joys of this wonderful season. We've been watching lots of bugs take up residence in our back yard, and even in our home. We've gotten to know a daddy-long-legs, several mud wasps, cicadas, snakes, and even a little mouse. Inside our home we have had your usual little critter spiders, but also a couple of those mud wasps (NOT FUN) and last night I saw a mouse in the kitchen!

I have to tell you, I feel like I'm re-living my chldhood. Where I grew up, we had many mice in our home, skunks living underneath, squirls in the walls, and cats that liked to leave "presents" in my sister's bed! We've had nearly all of that and more here. The only thing I'm hoping we don't experience is the "presents" from our cats.

Well, I'll leave you with a few pictures from the month. But not before I put a plug-in about a new blog of mine. I want to keep this blog, it's personal and fun to come and share these thoughts with friends and whoever else may be reading. It's a journal that I hope to keep for years to come. But this new blog is strictly home school. I had wanted to chronicle it all here, but that didn't work. I've been educating myself this summer and have been praying about my scheduling practices. I hope to really write about all we do in our homeschool. After all I've been learning about homeschooling and an extremely wonderful method of home education, I'm so excited about it all. Educating the children at home will not only be a safari of learning for them, but it's a quest of knowledge for us all. We will be nourishing our minds with the best of ideas and quenching our thirst with God's amazing creation. If you find the time or your curiosity is pricked, please visit our blog: Kingdom Heights Homeschool. The link is on the right side as well.

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