Sunday, May 3

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Spring is such a lovely season. The list of birds we are seeing around here is growing. Today we were so lucky to see a very shy Baltimore Oriole! The orange on this bird is amazing! I saw it a few days ago sipping from our hummingbird feeder and it flew off before I could see exactly what bird it was. Today, he stuck around long enough for us all to see! It was wonderful!

Today, we began cultivating our backyard. This is going to take forever! We have NO grass in the back yard so we are going to try planting seed. We'll see how that goes. I'm kind of skeptical. Yesterday we spread weed'n'feed. I hope it works, it would be nice to have a good looking yard. We are also preparing a section in the back yard for a garden. I'm so excited and I hope they grow! We are going to plant the seeds tomorrow for science. Last week, we talked about seeds and opened up some beans to see the baby plant inside and that was pretty cool. I hadn't ever done that. It really was a cute little baby plant right inside that bean! I even peaked inside of a maple tree seed. I've got some pods to start our garden and hopefully we can cultivate the garden site enough before we leave for our trip.

Well, it's growing season! Let us not forget to continually grow in spirit as well!


Tereasa said...

I hope your garden is fruitful! What will you do while you travel in August? Make sure you have all the weeds picked before you leave and ask someone to pick the ripe veggies so they don't rot!

We haven't planted our seeds yet. Oops! We decided to make our own planters out of newspaper this year. They're just sitting empty in the kitchen. Oh well.

Tereasa said...

Oh, I also wanted to ask you to add a follower gadget to your sidebar so I can get updates everytime you post! Thanks!

Amanda said...

Stopping by the say hi. Give kisses to everyone. Hope your grass and garden are growing fast and strong.