Saturday, September 27

So Who is Santa, ... really???

We are getting ready to head out on a trip this morning. Jonathan and I have been sitting here talking about a few things and Santa came up.

Jeff was in the bathroom shaving and Jonathan went to tell him something, then he came back to me and said that Daddy looks like Santa when he shaves. I told him that is interesting and what he thought about that. For some background info here, we haven't really told the kids ourselves that Santa is real. We've been very vague about it and allowed the children to think what they want. We've talked about the "spirit of Santa." So, he came in and we talked about Daddy being Santa. At the end of the conversation here's what his conclusion is:

Daddy is one of the Santas, I'm his wife, and the kids are the elves. I don't know his thoughts about the North pole yet, but this is turning out to be really cute.

When my family told me about Santa, I truly believed that my Daddy was the real Santa who flew around the whole world. This is going to be an interesting Christmas.

(Jonathan just told me that I need to send this to the North Pole, which is where the distribution center is and that there are thousands of Santas!)

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