Thursday, November 30

New Beginnings

We have been packing up the boxes, saying our good byes, and getting ready. The kids have been in Plainview this week. In just a few days, we will have the truck loaded and our new adventure will begin. With our new adventure will come this new blog. We decided to begin a new, simpler blog with our move to Kansas. New beginnings everywhere!
We hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season!


meg said...

Well, best of everything on the move- this is a challenging time to be doing it, but it will be nice to celebrate Christmas in your new home.
I lived in Kansas for 10 years & miss it at times... but not the snow!

Anonymous said...

Be glad you guys didn't move this week! Have you heard of our bad storm? It even reaches down through Dallas. I-35 is a solid sheet of ice and packed snow. Not fun with a moving truck. That's what we did when we moved here in 2003. One news station thinks there might be another storm next week on Thursday or Friday. No other stations think so. Hopefully there isn't one! It'll be so cold that nothing will really melt unless salt/sand is spread often. They say things won't melt until Wednesday at the earliest.

Jeremy and Amanda said...

Welcome to blogspot! I hope that the move goes well. I will be looking forward to hearing how things are going.

Anonymous said...

We are so excited to see you guys. Call us if you want us to come help you unpack the truck! We'd love to drive up next weekend to help.

Love you,
Amanda T.