Thursday, March 20

Warm Days

My mom and dad have been here for a couple of days and it has been great! Yesterday was nice and warm in the afternoon and today is supposed to be even warmer! I'm hoping to take the kids out on a pic-nic. Wish Jeff could come with us! It's been so long since we've been outdoors. This will be great. Jo has been on spring break this week and I've loved having him home.
Well, hope your Spring is fabulous!

Saturday, March 15

I am a Wonderer...

My mind is full of wondering thoughts.
It is ridiculously late. I can't sleep. Today I've been catching up on laundry and cleaning the garage. I found a bag and a box of clothes for Alex! And a box of bibs! After washing them tonight, I was folding everything and started stacking the bibs. Every bib that I stacked was from Jo and Adie and brought back so many memories -- first bites, drools, baby food sneezes, and tons of squeals! My baby is 4 months old today and I don't want to believe it! Today, we sat in the living room playing with toys and practicing sitting up. It's going to happen soon, he's pretty strong. Oh, and yesterday, Jo and Adie were playing with him on the floor. When I took something into the kitchen, I heard them say, "Mommy, he rolled!" Well, I came in and he rolled to his side. It's a step though! It was exciting to hear their excitement for all of his little accomplishments. They have an incredibly exciting road ahead of them! It will be so fun to make more memories with these bibs and watch all my kids go through more firsts together.

Who would have thought that bibs would bring on such emotions...