Sunday, March 25

Appointment set

Well, we are still expecting! I called this week to set an appointment and the date is set for April 16. That is three weeks from now! Ah! It will be exciting to finally go in and get this ball rolling. Well, just wanted to make that quick update. We are getting ready to head over for our devo tonight so I guess I should sign off for now.
Love to you all.

Monday, March 19

March is Marching away!

I cannot believe that March is nearly over! February was full of fun and exciting things for us. We are enjoying Kansas so much! This month, Jeff and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary! Yay! We both cannot believe that it has been 7 already! Time is really flying by! We are fairly settled in and nearly done unpacking. Jeff's job is moving along pretty good. They are very busy, but it is good. Two weeks ago, Jeff finally got word that his clearance went through! That is such a blessing! Last week also brought more exciting news for our family! After 6 months of praying and us trying, God has decided to bless our family with another baby! We are all so excited! Jonathan is hoping for a brother and Adelaide is wanting a sister! Either way, it is going to be so fun! As far as we know, November will be the month the baby comes. We should have an appointment with a dr. soon. We will surely be keeping you updated here!
Well, it is time to go out and play with the kids!
God be with you all. We love you and can't wait to see everyone!