Wednesday, February 27


Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a great evening! --> sleeping hopefully. ;)

I do want to tell you about our trip to AZ, but it is entirely too late for me to be on, I will say real quick that it was fabulous! I truly enjoyed getting to meet all the people from nF. The president of the company (A) flew everyone in the offices from KS and FL for the weekend and we had a great time in Sendona. Alex sure flirted with all the girls and Jeff said a few days ago that they are still talking about him in the office! I wish you could all see how much he smiles. I've never seen a baby so happy and smiling so much, really. Right now, I will post a few pictures and hopefully be back to write about it another time soon.
Good night.

Alex's first flight! Suck, baby, suck!

Lunch with a few nF people in Sedona at Tlaquepaque.

Just one of the beautiful sights of the red rocks at Sedona.

A visit to Montezuma Castle (between Phoenix and Sedona). Awesome place to see history.

Fascinating, amazing, and beautiful Saguaro Cactus. (sa-whaor-o) I learned that there is no "g" sound real quick! There were so many! It was like a forest. Wait, isn't there a national Saguaro Forest??? (I think so) ha! This was just north of Phoenix.

Just a couple of views outside the office in AZ.

Thank you Jeff and Ruthie for taking a few of these pictures! Thank you for sharing your tallent!

And thank you A for bringing us all to AZ for a wonderful weekend. We are looking forward to the next "nFo-Con!"

Monday, February 11

Just a basic post...

Well, I thought I'd get on real quick while cooking dinner. Here's the low-down. (sure)
Anyway, we are all healthy for the moment...I think. Alex is still coughing, Adie is doing much better, as is Jo. I'm feeling accomplished (got loads of laundry done, dishes unloaded, and dinner is actually cooking!), and Jeff isn't too stressed at work. We are getting ready for a trip at the end of this week. Thursday night, we head down to OK and drop Jo and Adie off at their uncle & aunt's home. Early Friday morning Alex, Jeff and I head to the airport and fly to Arizona! I can't wait for this trip but boy am I nervous! It will be great to finally meet all the people that Jeff talks about. We are going to be spending a couple days in Sedona with everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to get on and write about it!

Love to you all. Just wanted to let you all know that we are doing alright.

Wednesday, February 6

Germs, Germs Go Away!

All of us have been down with something for the last week now. Jo had pnemonia on his birthday (so glad we celebrated the weekend before!), and was out of school four days. I got a touch of it on Wednesday and was out with a fever and chills. Now Adie and Alex both have bad colds. I took them into the doc on Monday, I was concerned about them having what Jo did. Thankfully, both of their lungs sound fine. No fevers in either of them yet. Lets pray it stays that way. The last thing we want is for anyone else to get it.

We sure hope all of you are able to stay healthy this winter.